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Our Services

Our Internet Marketing Services Pay for Themselves

In over 90% of our free reviews,
we found enough wasted ad spend to pay for our services.
With a higher Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), revenue can finally grow at scale.

eCommerce Optimization Across Devices

cross Device Strategy

Not every industry has the same mobile trends. An emergency locksmith may put a higher value on mobile, while a more technical product/service may have a higher ROAS on desktop.

Our Services

Internet Marketing Strategy

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail; at EKG Marketing, we…

  • Understand your product/service, website and process
  • Identify and understand your KPI’s and budget(s)
  • Identify and understand your ideal/target customer
  • Identify and analyze the competition
  • Identify your niche and/or competitive advantage
  • Create campaigns to accomplish your objectives
  • Analyze the data from your perspective
  • Adjust, Test & Refine – Constant and Never-Ending Improvement
Our Strategy & Process
What is Your Internet and/or eCommerce Marketing Strategy
Review from Glenn Morris of Morris 4x4 Center

Eric worked for me when I owned Morris 4×4 Center prior to selling out to an equity group. Eric’s passion, skill and knowledge of the Jeep and eCommerce industries helped me retire at the top of my game. Highly recommend any project he is involved with.

Glenn Morris / Founder: Morris 4x4 Center
eCommerce Internet Marketing Review from Reggie Perry, Founder RubiTrux

Before I partnered up with Eric and EKG Marketing, we were using a pre-mage “dealer” website without eCommerce. Within a couple years, our custom Jeep sales grew over 500% and we were selling over $300k a month online!

Reggie Perry / Founder: RubiTrux